Our Mission

It’s Bigger than Basketball

In an effort to recognize the brave civil rights leaders who transformed our nation and the York County community, each year, the No Room for Racism Classic will unveil a project to preserve the legacy of justice seekers and provide long standing educational value to the public.

Jail No Bail

Each year as part of the No Room For Racism Classic, we will be participating in projects that leave a lasting impact on our community. In 2021 we will unveil an educational exhibit regarding the Jail, No Bail movement that took place in Rock Hill. You can learn about that movement here.

It’s All About Community

Beyond the games, the No Room for Racism Classic serves to impact the lives of local youth. Join us to help bring YMCA and Boys and Girls Club teens to the event. Your contribution will cover the cost of tickets, transportation, meals, and an autograph signing with the players.

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